Our Aims & Objects

   To promote the Para medical Science in India & abroad.

   To established and run Para medical institute all over in India, to promote the Para Medical Science for diffusion of useful knowledge.

   To help the medical Science by providing them trained Para medical Staff.

   To help the Indian people by providing useful vocational education to them, as they can even their livelihood and help in the development of India.

   To hold lecture and seminars by eminent specialist in Para medical Science.

   To prepare students for examination in prescribed courses in Para Medical Science.

   To hold Examination in various paramedical course and to provide certificate / Diploma to those who qualify the Examination.

   To award cash prizes and scholarship to deserving candidate in various field of studies.

   To established libraries in Paramedical Science, to provide recent developments and information in Paramedical fields.

   To open charitable hospital, take in rural and urban areas of India.

   To open branched of Board all over India.

   To seek coordination from individuals, agencies, and association Govt. in Paramedical field.

   To perform all such acts as may be necessary for the achievement of the above mentioned aims and object.

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